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Consultation is the first step in establishing whether the project is practical both in logistics, timing and costs involved. This can be as simple as a telephone conversation, e-mail or on site meeting. This first communication should clarify these points and will establish a good working relationship if the proposal is to proceed. At this point all costs and timeframes also need to be established.

Quantity Surveying
Quantity surveying is about the recognized methods of measurement in a particular trade or construction area. In other words it is preparing an estimate for the materials or services required in their terminology in order to prepare an accurate quote for your project. It can be as simple as using Metric or Imperial sizing or using a particular brand name as opposed to a generic name (Jacuzzi/Hot tub/Spa, or Roofing shingle/shakes, etc...)

Engineering is always looked at on reworking all existing structural elements (foundations, walls, etc.) or on new design. It is a requirement for the building department to provide stamped and certified drawings/details upon permit application. This ensures that the areas considered have been designed accurately and reviewed to ensure proper design and construction. In most cases a Registered BCIN Designer can certify the drawings.

Field/Site Dimensions
Field/site dimensions are critical for proper planning, estimating and production. They must be accurate and within recognized tolerances and industry standards. We have prepared these for countless projects from new residential construction, renovations, modern upscale apartment conversions from large historical homes to condominium locker storage rooms for major manufacturers and automotive robotics safety fence requirements.

Drawings will be the most important communication tool. Our drawings show the scope of the project with all details required for the client, contractor, building department and trades people that may be involved.

Project Management
Project Management can make or break a project. On small jobs its as simple as the contractor being responsible for the job to finish within the budget and time frame allowed. On larger jobs this can be a full time separate job for someone to co-ordinate the materials, contractors and trades people that are to be involved. We can provide weekly/monthly diligence reports, on site progress reports and running costs with our spreadsheet programs all tailored to your particular project. With on-site laptop and printer we can update these programs and drawings (Word/Excel/AutoCAD) on site immediately to reduce down time. We have managed projects across Canada, the United States, Bermuda and Cuba.

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